Equestrian Friends of Ed Levin Park

If you ride in Ed Levin Park you are a friend to the park

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Workday Saturday August 4, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Mission Statement


The mission of the Equestrian Friends of Ed Levin Park is to make a positive difference in the community, primarily through a volunteer, pro-active relationship with the park, staff, and visitors, and to assist in the care, upkeep, and safety of the park and its facilities.


The Purpose: To keep the Park clean and safe for all users, Human and Equine alike.


The Business: Providing on-going support through volunteer activities, and working side by side with the park officials to maintain our goal.


The Values: We are individuals who are responsible, competent and caring. We strive to show leadership and high standards of community participation through our volunteer projects.


If you ride in Ed Levin Park, you are a friend to the park.  Come join us.  We are trying to make a difference!  Membership is free and has no requirements except that you ride a horse and you are friendly.   See ya' on the trails!