Equestrian Friends of Ed Levin Park

If you ride in Ed Levin Park you are a friend to the park

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History of EFOEL


Originally organized during the 1970's, EFOEL was made up of local equestrians who would get together to work on projects in the park. Bonnie Davis and Bill Wall are among some of the original members. Bill (though not present tonight) was able to provide us with a collage of pictures of EFOEL Members doing work in the park during the late 70's. Among these projects was the installation of a water trough at the staging/parking area at Calaveras Rd/ Maintenance Rd. Usually these projects culminated with a BBQ at A & J Ranch. Arlene advises that Stel Papadopoulos at Chaparral Ranch re-organized the group in 1993 due to the need for a liaison with the park district, in order to rectify the problem of locked trail gates. Some prior projects also completed by EFOEL over the past 15 years, were the addition of a switchback (bypass) trail in Spring Valley near the Laguna Cemetery; permanent placement of a crosswalk at the Spring Valley/ Tularcitos trail connector near the Group Camp; successful re-location of the Dog Park (from Spring Valley to North End of Sandy Wool Lake); Installation of gravel in the arena; addition of an Equestrian picnic area in Spring Valley.


Overview of Santa Clara County Parks District

Sr. Ranger Jeff Cossins advises that the 5 rangers that work Ed Levin, are also responsible for covering Joseph Grant, Alviso, and Penitencia Creek Parks during each of their shifts. Six months ago, the parks district implemented a requirement for official park "Friends" groups to become more formalized. This formalization process included the signing of a revised "Friends of County Parks Annual Renewal Agreement". The agreement provides the Parks District with a point of contact, and specifies an approval process that is required to help facilitate projects within the county parks. Jeff also advised that the Rangers no longer lock the trail gates at night, but to REMEMBER that the park is still CLOSED at sunset!

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