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If you ride in Ed Levin Park you are a friend to the park

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Calaveras Ridge and Tularcitos Trail Work Day:  March 19, 2009
In March 2009, EFOEL Vice-President Sarah Marschall and EFOEL Secretary Debbie Souza went out for a trail safety inspection ride.  EFOEL members had previously complained about the exposed barbed wire near some of the trail gates.  The barbed wire was located at a height that was a potential risk to the eyes and facial area of our horses when siding up to the gates.  We commandeered some old water hose from our homes and purchased cable ties.  Then we set out for our ride.  Here are pictures of Sarah (with Monty) and Debbie (with Cherokee), hard at work!

Sarah and Debbie working on the gate by the phone booth at Sandy Wool
Sarah and Monty
Tularcitos Trail 
Christmas Morning 2005