Equestrian Friends of Ed Levin Park

If you ride in Ed Levin Park you are a friend to the park

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Officers Bio

President: Cliveden Chew Haas / Indian Hills Ranch

I've conditioned horses and ridden trail in Ed Levin and other Bay Area parks for 30+ years now, though I did take some years off to put my daughter through college.  Currently, I compete in NATRC with Robbie the Quarter Pony and we are bringing along Durango, the Crazy Arab.  Dressage keeps me sane and working on a better seat.  The best way to see the outside world is DEFINITELY from the back of a horse!


Vice President:  Joy Pross / Private

I started riding the trails of Ed Levin park when I was about 7.  I've worked with a variety of breeds and riding styles from Swedish Warmbloods to Quarterhorses to Tennessee Walkers working in western pleasure, dressage, huntseat, and trail riding.  I currently work for a local nonprofit and dabble in marketing, management, and design.  I have to agree with Cliveden that "The best way to see the outside world is DEFINITELY from the back of a horse!"

E-mail: Joy Pross
Secretary/ Treasurer:  Debbie Souza / Indian Hills Ranch

As a little girl in Hayward, California, my biggest dream was to ride my very own horse.  His name would have been "Wildfire".  Yeah, I am a product of the 60's. A "late-blooming" cowgirl who did not get to realize her dream until my late 20's, I have been trying to make up for lost time for the past couple of decades. It was only by chance, that the theft and recovery of an old Western saddle (which ended up in my Evidence Room) would introduce me to the Equestrian lifestyle of my lifelong dreams!   Until the day that I rode Emmett for the first time, my only experience with horses was a Halter Showmanship class that I attended at U.C. Davis, and the rare opportunity to rent out in Half Moon Bay or ride friend's horses. I've come a long way in a short time. Cattle drives, horse camping trips, countless hours of Trailwatch and service to the County Parks has brought me here!  I would not trade one minute of it for anything in the world!
I hope to see you on my Happy Trails soon!

Debbie Souza

Historian:  Bonnie Davis / Diamond W

E-mail: Bonnie Davis

Board Members At Large
Board At LargeSteve Chrabaszcz

Board At Large:  Cindy Hoskins / Private

I started riding horses at a young age and joined the Mohawk Mounties 4-H Club in Western Pennsylvania around 1960.  I enjoyed trail riding and showing horses while in 4-H and also with Poway Valley Riders Association, near San Diego.  I started breeding American Quarter Horses for show and racing after graduating from high school.  Horses and trail riding have been a continuous and important part of my life!
Board At Large:  Arlene Kaiser / Private

Board At Large:  Joy Rajasalu / Indian Hills Ranch

I have been riding for 17 years. My horses name is Sierra.  He is my one and only horse I have ever had. He is now 27 years old and keeps on going.   I was a member of the Search and Rescue for about two years in 1990.  I have lived in Milpitas for 37 years and have been riding the trails at Sandy Wool/ED Levin/Minnis and other trails  for about 17 years.  Very proud to be a member of this organization and look forward to raising money for the parks.
E-mail: Joy Rajasalu

Past President/VCC Rep:  Jack Wilson / Private

E-mail: Jack Wilson


 Webmaster: Janet Peter / A&J Ranch

 E-Mail: Janet Peter